Change is Entirely Within Your Reach

And Coaching is The Fastest and Least Painful Way to Get There




First and foremost, we schedule a call to discuss where you’re at and where you want to go.

I’ll ask you targeted questions to learn about your current challenges and what’s been getting in your way up until this point.

Once we’re both comfortable with moving forward, I will create a program that is uniquely designed for you.

Of course, sometimes priorities change so we approach this program as though it’s written in sand, not stone.

When we get started with weekly calls, not only will you get the support and accountability that you have been craving for so long, but you will also make huge progress with weekly milestones.

So grab yourself a coffee or tea, get comfortable, and let’s chat.



  • All coaching Programs run for 12 weeks and are designed to boost your momentum. Think: fast and furious.

  • Each week, you will have a 45 minute online session with me on Zoom or Skype.

  • Ask me any questions in between sessions through Email and Voxer. (Voxer is an app where we can communicate through text or voice notes, and it’s perfect for answering quick questions that come up throughout the week.)



Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed, trying to tackle a million things at once, not feeling like I am doing anything effectively, Miriam turns me around with her encouragement, positivity, and helpful advice on how to get organized. 

It’s amazing what a 30 min chat with a life coach can do to get you back on track. If you are working on a passion project or are looking for a career/life coach - I HIGHLY recommend connecting with Miriam. She’s a fountain of knowledge and positivity.
— SARAH JADE, Food and Lifestyle Blogger, Toronto
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