#14: How Picking a Word of the Year Changes Everything with Robin Finney

I was so frustrated with myself and was desperate for a change in December of 2015. I had huge dreams but I wasn't taking any action. I would start new projects and drop them as soon as it got hard.

Everyday I asked myself how it was ever going to be possible to achieve ANY of my goals if I wasn't able to be consistent. And there it was...my 2016 word of the year was born. Consistency.

I went on to create my first blog and wrote a brand new post every single week. So many things shifted that year because of my word/theme for the year, and one of those things was my ability to trust my own commitments to myself. And wow was that ever powerful! 

Robin Finney

That's why I had to have Robin Finney on this podcast as the first post for 2019! In 2018, she lived her intention of Bold Freedom to the fullest by quitting her corporate job of nearly 11 years and letting go of many of her possessions to follow her dream of traveling the world. Now, she is a nomad, writer, self-made international model, yogi, and Wandering Aunt.

As a yoga student and teacher, Robin knows the importance of setting intentions and has seen firsthand how powerful they can be, and that's exactly what she shared with us today during this interview.

Have a listen! And once you're done, we want to hear what your word of the year is. I tell you exactly how to share it with us at the end of the episode. Enjoy!