#16: When the Impossible Becomes Possible with Troy Campbell

Is there something in your mind that you really, really want but on some level you almost don't believe it's possible? Or even worse, does every one around you tell you straight to your face that what you're after is never going to happen?


Well, my guest on this week's episode knows all about that! Troy Campbell achieved incredible success in the world of fitness and bodybuilding, without any drugs, despite the fact that everyone around him said he'd never be able to do it. 

He persisted and persisted, and years later...he looks like this. --->

Troy has now used this incredible success to launch a brand new career in acting. In this episode, Troy talks about important barriers that we must overcome on the way to our dreams, like surrounding ourselves with people who understand and support our goals. 

If you are on a mission to achieve something big, then you are going to love this episode!