#18: 3 Ways to Get Out of Your Own Way Right Now

Hey you, ambitious one with the big dreams! I see you…

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I know what it feels like to have massive dreams and goals, the kind that light you up so bright inside.

I also know what it feels like NOT to make progress on them. That stagnant / stuck feeling that is so discouraging…

I’ve learned now that those feelings are just nudging me to take a look in the mirror and figure out what needs to be dealt with in order to launch forward into the next level of my life or career.

This very short rant-like episode gives you 3 tips that you can use starting today to get out of your way. Because progress is everything. We don’t JUST feel the joy, meaning and fulfillment when we get to our destination. We also feel it every step of the way, as long as we are moving forward.

I got you, friend. Listen to this episode and get unstuck right now :)

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Enjoy :)

#7: How losing my first 30 pounds has transformed my life

I knew that I wasn't happy with my body, but I didn't know how deep the wound actually was. I didn't realize that because of my weight gain over so many years, that I had created all kinds of limiting beliefs that were impacting my life in ways I couldn't fathom.


I realized how deep it was when I actually started losing weight and noticed first hand what that transformation looks like. I thought that I would feel differently (read: better!) about my body, but I didn't know that the confidence I would gain would make me a better partner, mother, business owner, and human in general! 

In this episode, I talk about how I lost 30 pounds, why I decided to take on this massive transformation, and what amazing and unexpected things have happened as a result of this transformation. Most importantly, I talk about the mindset shifts that we need to make to get us closer to the person we want to be and the limiting beliefs that hold us back from that.

I'm only one third of the way to my goal, so I know more amazing things are on the way and I will continue to share those with you in future episodes. 

I would love to hear your thoughts about this episode, so please don't be shy! Come on over to Instagram (that's where I hang out these days) and let me know what you think!

Until next time - stay focused on designing the life you absolutely love, and trust me, you will eventually get there.