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#16: When the Impossible Becomes Possible with Troy Campbell

Is there something in your mind that you really, really want but on some level you almost don't believe it's possible? Or even worse, does every one around you tell you straight to your face that what you're after is never going to happen?


Well, my guest on this week's episode knows all about that! Troy Campbell achieved incredible success in the world of fitness and bodybuilding, without any drugs, despite the fact that everyone around him said he'd never be able to do it. 

He persisted and persisted, and years later...he looks like this. --->

Troy has now used this incredible success to launch a brand new career in acting. In this episode, Troy talks about important barriers that we must overcome on the way to our dreams, like surrounding ourselves with people who understand and support our goals. 

If you are on a mission to achieve something big, then you are going to love this episode!  

#15: Know Yourself to Grow Yourself with Virginia Gronley

Have you ever been super confused about your identity? I remember a very specific time in my life when I was super confident that I had figured out everything there is to know about myself.

It’s honestly almost laughable now, because now I know that you can never ever know everything there is to know about yourself! Because you are always changing and evolving, and that’s the beautiful thing about being human, isn't it?

When I decided that I knew everything about who I was, I stopped growing.

It took me years to realize that the reason I was so miserable was because I had completely lost touch with who I was. My sense of identity was completely out of date. It was old and was overdue for an update.

When I re-committed to figuring out who I was, I was shocked at how much I had changed over the short few years. And as soon as I finally realized that I can never stop learning about myself, my growth skyrocketed.

Virginia Gronley.jpg

So when Virginia Gronley told me that she strongly believes in the Law of Awareness - in order to grow yourself, you must know yourself - I knew it was imperative that I have her on the podcast!

Virginia is a leadership speaker, coach and trainer and her mission is to help individuals, teams and businesses develop their leadership skills. She has worked in the leadership world for over 20 years and has led over 100 training events helping individuals, teams and businesses maximize potential, enhance engagement, performance and productivity.

I know that you are going to love this episode! And when you're done listening, be sure to take a screenshot and tag me (@miriambuttu) and Virginia (@virginiagronley) on Instagram and let us know what you think!


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#8: Play, Power up and Thrive with Gary Ware

Like you, and most of the North American world, I've been thinking the wrong way about what it means to play and have fun, for way too long. 

As adults, we are hyper-focused on productivity and results, and our actions reflect these priorities. But what you probably don't know is how powerful of a tool play actually is in achieving HIGHER productivity and results. This blew my mind!


In this episode of the Power and Potential Podcast, I interview Gary Ware. Gary is the Founder of Breakthrough Play, a company that helps teams be more creative, confident, and collaborative using play. To do this, Gary incorporates techniques that professional improvisers use to create amazing experiences without a script.

Gary has been in the marketing and advertising industry for over a decade and first got into improvisation as a way to better his public speaking. Gary quickly found that improv and play could be a solution to various business challenges, so he started doing workshops for his team and other people in his network. This side project turned into a full-time gig after he stepped down from the agency that he co-founded.

In this episode, no word of a lie, Gary ware schools me on what play actually means, and how we can all be integrating in our lives right now. Doing this allows us to show up more fully in our work and in our lives as a whole. It decreases our stress and increases our joy and fulfillment.

So you tell me, who DOESN'T want that? 

This is an episode I know you'll enjoy and I can't wait to hear how it changes your world. It definitely changed mine! 

#2: Living a Truly Authentic Life with Apryl Schlueter

IMG_0483 copy.jpg

Living a Truly Authentic Life with Apryl Schlueter

Have you ever wondered how you could be more authentic to who you are in your day to day? I absolutely have! I have been thinking about authenticity for years. What is it? What does it really mean? And most importantly, how do I do it? How can I be the most authentic I could possibly be?

If you are on a quest right now to live better, be better, or do better in your life, this episode is perfect you! In this episode of The Power and Potential Podcast, I interview Apryl Schlueter all about what it means to be truly authentic in all areas of our lives.

Apryl Schleuter Headshot.jpeg

Apryl Zarate Schlueter is the Chief Energy! Officer of The Cheerful Mind, Inc. -- a happiness and productivity coach, speaker, author of Finding Success in Balance: My Journey to The Cheerful Mind, and host of the internet show, Cheerful Conversations. After years of working in various industries, Apryl realized her true passion for helping people streamline their lives to make time for more joy, balance, and ease. She uses the strategies of productivity, goal-setting, and planning infused with personal development methodologies, stress management, and self-care to help curb overwhelm that results from a busy lifestyle, and helps people have more fun while getting stuff done!

Our conversation is rich and awesome, and I know you’re going to love it too. I cannot wait to hear what you think! Make sure you come on over to Instagram and let me know what you think!

P.S. Make sure you listen in to the very end to find out how you can win a free 60 minute coaching session with me before the end of October, 2018!


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