#32: Love yourself like you love others with Keidi Janz

Self love has always been one of those elusive concepts for me. The kind that I can understand on a logical level, but when it comes to integrating it…I realize I don’t understand it at all.

I’ve always wanted to be better at it, and so when I met Keidi at an event, I knew that I absolutely HAD to have her on the podcast. Because if I want to get better at it, you probably do too.

Keidi 2.JPG

Keidi Janz is a speaker and a Self Love Coach. She works with clients one-on-one who find themselves stuck or looking for a change to take a wholesome approach and create a vision of the life they want to live.

She believes that the magic in all of us lies in our authentic stories, in the things that truly ignite the joy in our lives, and that it’s always our job to pursue them. She is a public speaker and workshop host for local events and organizations covering on topics of self love, authenticity and living our dreams.

Keidi has been quoted in articles in Business Insider, Brit + CO, and various other publications, and I am just so excited to introduce you to her.

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