#22: Your Net Worth ≠ Your Self Worth

Have you ever thought about why you spend the way you do? Or why you use money, in general, the way you do?

So many of us have deeply internalized that our self worth depends on our net worth. Meaning that the more money we have (and the more lavish our lifestyle) the more worthy we are. And of course, the less we have, the less worthy we are.


Dr. Radha Maharaj, this week’s guest on the Power & Potential Podcast, helps us understand the reasons we’ve fallen into this pattern, and what we can do right now to start peeling away our net worth from our sense of worthiness.

Dr. Radha Maharaj (Dr. M) teaches people of all ages core economic and financial concepts to empower them to make better decisions and to have a more secure and prosperous financial life.

She provides avenues regardless of age or knowledge that assist the understanding and implementation of financial concepts in daily life. Her books, talks and lectures are all aimed to demystify finance and make it relatable. Dr.M’s main goal is to bring order and clarity to an important but sometimes intimidating subject for many individuals and families.

I am absolutely fascinated about the topic of money and how it relates to our identity and sense of worthiness, and if you are too, I am sure that you will find immense value from this episode.

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