#6: Meaningful Conversations with Jan Keck

Have you ever felt awkward talking to people you don’t know? Or even to people you do know? Do you struggle to find people to surround yourself with that truly understand you and can support you? If you said yes, this episode is definitely for you.

Jan Keck Headshot.jpg

In this episode, I interview Jan Keck. Jan grew up in Germany and felt invisible most of his childhood. He didn’t really socialize with others, and he would rarely speak up or raise his hand in class. He was the guy who sat next to you in math and years later you completely forgot about.

Growing up he craved connection, and although he made big advancements through joining sports clubs and summer camps and other groups, he realized he didn’t have it all figured out when he moved to Canada in 2008.

He knew no one, he wasn’t fluent in English, and although Canadians were super friendly on the surface, it was hard to create deep relationships.

8 years later, Jan has not only figured out how to build his own community that is loving, supportive and encouraging; He is also helping others to do the same.

Jan's story is empowering and inspiring and he is a joy to listen to and learn from. I know you will enjoy this episode!