#30: How to Manage Impostor Syndrome with Rebecca McFarland

Impostor Syndrome is no joke and it’s something I have experienced, and continue to experience, almost every single day. When I’m about to do anything outside of my comfort zone, or put myself out there on a whole new level, the Impostor Syndrome kicks in.

Who are you to do that? What makes you qualified? Who do you think you are? There are so many people with more certifications and degrees than you that could do a better job. You don’t know enough people….

That type of inner talk is allllll Impostor Syndrome, and surprise, we all experience it! ESPECIALLY those of us who are striving for greatness.

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This week’s interview is with Rebecca McFarland from Pop Your Career, a career coaching practice designed to prove that career advice doesn’t have to be boring, and that career fulfillment is definitely not out of reach. She is an experienced HR practitioner, career coach, DISC Advanced Consultant and Facilitator, speaker and soon to be author.

Rebbeca's favorite topics to speak about include career development, career fulfillment and mindset challenges, including impostor syndrome, self doubt and low confidence.

This episode goes really deep into what Impostor Syndrome is, how it shows up in our lives, and how to get it under control! If you are on your own growth journey and are constantly looking for ways to change and improve your self and your life, you will absolutely love this episode!

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