#19: How to Align Your Entire Life with Your Core Values with Sarah Ezcurra

Do you know what it feels like to be in complete dis-alignment? Even if it's just in that one area of your life where things just never feel right?

I have been there many more times than I can count, and I believe that these situations are precisely what we need to show us the path to alignment.

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My guest on this week's episode is Sarah Ezcurra and during our conversation, she shares with us exactly how to go about identifying your core values, and how to align every part of your life with those values.

Sarah serves the world by helping creatives get results with clear, actionable strategies to reach specific goals. Through years of experience doing this, she has come to know what it takes to create strategies that work. She loves to give entrepreneurs tools to identify and live from their core values, then implement them in their life and business.

Her own business, The Maui Collective, began with live events for entrepreneurs and professionals on the little island of Maui. The focus has since expanded to impacting creatives beyond Maui with tools and resources to achieve both business and heart health.

This is an incredibly powerful episode with strong potential to change your life IF you are brave enough to implement some changes.

And I know you are!

I hope you enjoy it. And if you do, please don’t forget to hit subscribe inside your podcast app to make sure you never miss another incredible episode again!