#23: Feedback: How to Take it and How to Give it with Olivia Pratiwi


In this week’s episode of the Power and Potential Podcast, I interviewed Olivia Pratiwi about her strategies on providing and receiving feedback.

Olivia Pratiwi is a Career Coach with a mission to empower women to confidently take that next step in their career. She helps women enhance their confidence, understand corporate relationships and enhance their soft skills to set them up for their next promotion.

I am fascinated by this topic because it’s sometimes really difficult to know what kind of feedback is legitimate and what kind of feedback we can dismiss. I don’t know about you, but I have been given all kinds of feedback in my life. Some of which makes me think more deeply about myself and I how I can improve as an individual, and some of it is completely detrimental and undermining.

So what I was most interested in understanding from Olivia was how the interpretation process works and how we can get to a point where we can not only receive feedback in the most productive way, but also how to provide feedback in a way that is best received.

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