#9: Understanding + Processing Your Emotional Triggers + Reactions

Let's be honest with each other for one second, shall we? We all have feelings. Men and women, socially acceptable or not, we all have them.


If I asked a room full of 100 people to put their hand up if they were taught how to process their emotions, how many people do you think would raise their hand? I would bet that less than 10 hands would go up. 

Growing up, we learn that emotions are inconvenient and disruptive and that we shouldn't have them. As a result, we learn to suppress them (and we learn to do this really, really well!), and we never learn how to deal with them effectively.

However, understanding our emotions gives us access to a whole new level of self-understanding and self-awareness. When we can identify our triggers and understand why they create the reactions they create, we regain the power over how we feel every single day.

In this episode of The Power & Potential Podcast, I share a personal story that happened to me recently where I was emotionally triggered and I break down the steps required to process that experience. 

After this episode, you'll become more aware of your emotional triggers and reactions, and you'll slowly decrease how often you suppress them. This episode is life-changing!

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