#4: Breaking Barriers & Changing Gears with Jolyn GC

Have you ever wondered if you are on the right path in life? Have you ever wanted to make a drastic change and wondered if you should or how you would even go about it? Or maybe like many of us (including myself) you often feel like the odds are just stalked up against you.

If that resonates with you, than I know 100% for sure that you will love this interview. In today’s episode of the Power and Potential Podcast, I interview Jolyn GC who I consider to be a friend and a mentor.

Jolyn GC Headshot.jpg

Jolyn GC is a modern and contemporary portrait artist based in Seattle. It wasn’t until after her decision to leave her career as a criminal prosecuting attorney that she rekindled her interest in art. Her signature mixed media collage portraits, called Afro Jazz, serve as artistic contribution to the narrative that #BlackLivesMatter and reflects the African Diaspora with its use of vibrant African textiles and the beauty of blackness.

Influenced by her legal background, Jolyn has developed a social justice art program for teens called TEENERGY that teaches young leaders how to use their creative voice for social change. As the curator and owner of a digital art gallery, she enjoys helping emerging artists define their own artistic paths. When she is not advocating for the arts, she splits her time between Seattle and Jamaica with her husband living a life driven by her mantra: “I have unlimited permission slips to create as I see fit.”

I am telling you, prepare to be inspired! Jolyn is the most confident, yet humble, person I have ever met and I know that you can learn an absolute ton from her.

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Jolyn’s Website: Jolyngc.com

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