#14: How Picking a Word of the Year Changes Everything with Robin Finney

I was so frustrated with myself and was desperate for a change in December of 2015. I had huge dreams but I wasn't taking any action. I would start new projects and drop them as soon as it got hard.

Everyday I asked myself how it was ever going to be possible to achieve ANY of my goals if I wasn't able to be consistent. And there it was...my 2016 word of the year was born. Consistency.

I went on to create my first blog and wrote a brand new post every single week. So many things shifted that year because of my word/theme for the year, and one of those things was my ability to trust my own commitments to myself. And wow was that ever powerful! 

Robin Finney

That's why I had to have Robin Finney on this podcast as the first post for 2019! In 2018, she lived her intention of Bold Freedom to the fullest by quitting her corporate job of nearly 11 years and letting go of many of her possessions to follow her dream of traveling the world. Now, she is a nomad, writer, self-made international model, yogi, and Wandering Aunt.

As a yoga student and teacher, Robin knows the importance of setting intentions and has seen firsthand how powerful they can be, and that's exactly what she shared with us today during this interview.

Have a listen! And once you're done, we want to hear what your word of the year is. I tell you exactly how to share it with us at the end of the episode. Enjoy!

#13: Plan RIGHT for 2019

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2019 is right around the corner, or maybe it's already here by the time you're reading this! Either way, have you prepared yourself for the fresh start by getting super intentional about what you want to change in the new year?

Look, all of us want to change. Every single person I know wants to change.

The problem is that most people don't know HOW to do it.

And that is exactly what I help you do in this episode.

By the way, this episode is essentially the Part Two to Episode 11, where I led you in reviewing the last year in order to be able to plan right for 2019. Unfortunately, you can't do one without the other! So if you haven't listened to Episode 11 yet, you can find it right here, and don't forget to scoop up the free downloadable workbook I created for you to make the whole process easier. 

This episode gives you 3 simple questions to use as a framework to integrate more of what you want more of in your life, and to slowly eliminate what you want less of in your life. 

This process is a game changer, especially after you've reviewed your last year following the process I shared in Episode 11. Once you've put in the work, don't forget to send me a message and tell me about the magic! 

Happy planning!! Xx

P.S. At the end of this episode, I share some insider information about what has changed in The Career Clarity Accelerator Program 2.0 which will be launching mid-January 2019! Stay on the lookout for more info through email or on Instagram if you’re up for the challenge!

#12: The Unlimited Power of Mindfulness with Trish Tutton

As someone who practices yoga and meditation, I was blown away by all the wisdom that was shared in this interview with Trish Tutton. Lightbulb moments, epiphanies, full circle realizations, the whole nine yards!!


Trish is a Speaker, Yoga and Mindfulness teacher, a graduate of theatre school and a lifelong student. She is curious about how being more present can make us happier and healthier. Her passion for sharing mindfulness comes from her own experience of working in the corporate and non-profit sector. During this time, she experienced the incredible benefits of having a mindfulness practice. She was more energized, happy and focused, and felt better equipped to manage the stresses of her work. She has since taught hundreds of professionals how to transition from overwhelmed and ineffective to focused and efficient.

I walked away from this conversation feeling super empowered and with a much deeper sense of knowledge and control over my life. I cannot wait for you to listen to this episode and once you’re done, please come on over and share your thoughts with myself and Trish over on Instagram!

#11: The Deep & True Year End Review Process I’ve used to change my life

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A few years ago during December, I remember feeling an intense urge for change. An intense urge to turn a new page, start fresh, and change my life. The problem was that I had no idea where that urge was coming from or WHAT I specifically needed to change to be happy.

Luckily, I followed the urge, and what ended up coming out of it was a year end review process that I continue to turn to year after year. Now, I’m sharing this process with you in this week’s episode of The Power & Potential Podcast! It is incredibly powerful, and it has worked wonders in my life. I can’t wait for you to listen in on this episode and give the review process a shot!

It’s a deep and reflective process that helps you get to the bottom of what REALLY needs to change. Not the surface-y stuff like getting a new job or losing weight. This process helps you get to the root of the good and bad things you’ve been experiencing.

I also created this free workbook to facilitate your review experience. The structure is already there, the questions and prompts are there…all you need is to put aside some time to truly reflect.

You so got this!

Download it now so you have it on hand when you’re done listening!

Part 2 of this process is coming soon and it will guide you through planning 2019 in the most authentic and true way for YOU. So stay tuned for that episode!

Until then, I hope you enjoy this episode, and as always I would love to hear from you over on Instagram OR in the comments below this post! (And whatever you do, don’t forget to download the workbook because you will absolutely need it!)

Happy Listening & Reviewing! Xx

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#10: How introspection & intuition can illuminate your life’s path with Jenny Paul

Have you ever taken a step back from your life for just one second and wondered, "How did I get here, and is this really what being an adult is all about?!?"


If so, I have good news for you because there is something you can do about it today! In this episode, I interview Jenny Paul, a former corporate lawyer turned lifestyle entrepreneur. Unhappy with her career in law, she left to start her own recruitment company, which she quickly grew to 6 figures. Now, as a business coach and the blogger behind livelongandhustle.com, she helps female entrepreneurs build businesses that support their ideal lifestyles.

Her story of how she transitioned into becoming a successful Entrepreneur, and how she continues to check in with herself and pivot accordingly, is beyond inspiring. 

The best part of her story is that she used her own intuition and the process of introspection to get there, which in case you didn’t know, you have access to the exact same tools!

This episode is a must-listen for anyone who wonders if THIS is the life you’ve been working so hard to have. If you’ve ever wondered if you’re missing a huge piece of the puzzle, you most likely are! Make sure to listen to this episode right now, because I don’t want you to miss out on something that has the power to change everything for you.

And when you’re done listening, come on over to Instagram and let us know how this episode impacted you. Jenny and I would LOVE to hear from you! (Tag us both @miriambuttu and @livelongandhustle).

Happy Listening!

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#9: Understanding + Processing Your Emotional Triggers + Reactions

Let's be honest with each other for one second, shall we? We all have feelings. Men and women, socially acceptable or not, we all have them.


If I asked a room full of 100 people to put their hand up if they were taught how to process their emotions, how many people do you think would raise their hand? I would bet that less than 10 hands would go up. 

Growing up, we learn that emotions are inconvenient and disruptive and that we shouldn't have them. As a result, we learn to suppress them (and we learn to do this really, really well!), and we never learn how to deal with them effectively.

However, understanding our emotions gives us access to a whole new level of self-understanding and self-awareness. When we can identify our triggers and understand why they create the reactions they create, we regain the power over how we feel every single day.

In this episode of The Power & Potential Podcast, I share a personal story that happened to me recently where I was emotionally triggered and I break down the steps required to process that experience. 

After this episode, you'll become more aware of your emotional triggers and reactions, and you'll slowly decrease how often you suppress them. This episode is life-changing!

If you get anything out of this episode, which I am sure you will, I would love it if you would come on over to Instagram and let me know! If you're feeling like a superhero today, head on over to Itunes and leave me a review there! 


#8: Play, Power up and Thrive with Gary Ware

Like you, and most of the North American world, I've been thinking the wrong way about what it means to play and have fun, for way too long. 

As adults, we are hyper-focused on productivity and results, and our actions reflect these priorities. But what you probably don't know is how powerful of a tool play actually is in achieving HIGHER productivity and results. This blew my mind!


In this episode of the Power and Potential Podcast, I interview Gary Ware. Gary is the Founder of Breakthrough Play, a company that helps teams be more creative, confident, and collaborative using play. To do this, Gary incorporates techniques that professional improvisers use to create amazing experiences without a script.

Gary has been in the marketing and advertising industry for over a decade and first got into improvisation as a way to better his public speaking. Gary quickly found that improv and play could be a solution to various business challenges, so he started doing workshops for his team and other people in his network. This side project turned into a full-time gig after he stepped down from the agency that he co-founded.

In this episode, no word of a lie, Gary ware schools me on what play actually means, and how we can all be integrating in our lives right now. Doing this allows us to show up more fully in our work and in our lives as a whole. It decreases our stress and increases our joy and fulfillment.

So you tell me, who DOESN'T want that? 

This is an episode I know you'll enjoy and I can't wait to hear how it changes your world. It definitely changed mine! 

#7: How losing my first 30 pounds has transformed my life

I knew that I wasn't happy with my body, but I didn't know how deep the wound actually was. I didn't realize that because of my weight gain over so many years, that I had created all kinds of limiting beliefs that were impacting my life in ways I couldn't fathom.


I realized how deep it was when I actually started losing weight and noticed first hand what that transformation looks like. I thought that I would feel differently (read: better!) about my body, but I didn't know that the confidence I would gain would make me a better partner, mother, business owner, and human in general! 

In this episode, I talk about how I lost 30 pounds, why I decided to take on this massive transformation, and what amazing and unexpected things have happened as a result of this transformation. Most importantly, I talk about the mindset shifts that we need to make to get us closer to the person we want to be and the limiting beliefs that hold us back from that.

I'm only one third of the way to my goal, so I know more amazing things are on the way and I will continue to share those with you in future episodes. 

I would love to hear your thoughts about this episode, so please don't be shy! Come on over to Instagram (that's where I hang out these days) and let me know what you think!

Until next time - stay focused on designing the life you absolutely love, and trust me, you will eventually get there. 

#6: Meaningful Conversations with Jan Keck

Have you ever felt awkward talking to people you don’t know? Or even to people you do know? Do you struggle to find people to surround yourself with that truly understand you and can support you? If you said yes, this episode is definitely for you.

Jan Keck Headshot.jpg

In this episode, I interview Jan Keck. Jan grew up in Germany and felt invisible most of his childhood. He didn’t really socialize with others, and he would rarely speak up or raise his hand in class. He was the guy who sat next to you in math and years later you completely forgot about.

Growing up he craved connection, and although he made big advancements through joining sports clubs and summer camps and other groups, he realized he didn’t have it all figured out when he moved to Canada in 2008.

He knew no one, he wasn’t fluent in English, and although Canadians were super friendly on the surface, it was hard to create deep relationships.

8 years later, Jan has not only figured out how to build his own community that is loving, supportive and encouraging; He is also helping others to do the same.

Jan's story is empowering and inspiring and he is a joy to listen to and learn from. I know you will enjoy this episode!


#5: Is the Fear of Judgement Holding You Back?

IMG_0342 copy.jpg

Is the Fear of Judgement Holding you Back?

Do you worry about what people think or say about you? Before you do something new or different? Do you stop to think about how it would look to others or how you would be perceived?

More importantly, does this end up scaring you out of what you really want to do? 

If so, you are not the only one! I have been there and back many times. 

In this episode, I get personal with you about how the Fear of Judgement has impacted me in my life and in my career. I also talk about how I started to realize the impact that this fear was having over me and how I started to get over it.

I hope that my stories and lessons learned will help you see the fear of judgement in your own life, and very slowly learn to release it. 

I'd love to hear what you think about this episode, so please do connect with me over on Instagram OR leave me a podcast review! :)

I hope you enjoy!