Hey! I’m Miriam…

I am a heart-centered creative with a passion for helping other women find meaning and fulfillment in life & in work.

I grew up in a tiny town outside of Toronto, Ontario, and though my life has taken me all over the world at various times, I somehow came back to this little beautiful place called Whitby. 

Growing up, everything seemed pretty normal. I had a pretty average experience in elementary and high school, but when I reached university, I realized that something wasn't right.

That was the first time I experienced being out of alignment, although I had no idea what was going on. I fought through it as long as I could. I convinced myself I wanted to be a lawyer. I wrote my LSAT, and applied to law schools. Only to realize then, that wasn't at all what I wanted. 

Long story short: I spent years trying to figure out WHY I always felt out of place and unfulfilled when it came to my career.

That was my personal journey that brought me here. 

To the outside observer, my career had flourished. I went on an international internship to Nicaragua, where I spent a year doing HIV prevention education with youth. When I returned to Canada, I was hired by a fundraising startup and quickly 'moved up the ladder' to lead the recruitment and communication department. That's when I started to feel the lack of alignment again, so I pivoted. 

I became the Program Director of a non-profit education focused organization, then the Executive Director of the same organization down the road. I consulted and taught at a large university, and the list goes on. And on. And on. 

That little voice inside telling me that I needed to redirect my career efforts got louder and louder with each career pivot that I made.

I had been dabbling with Entrepreneurship for a while by now. 

As the Manager of Recruitment and Communications, I had led the hiring of 2000+ fundraisers across North America, and I had witnessed first hand the lack of knowledge that exists on HOW to market oneself to employers. That's when I started to develop my own framework on how to do so successfully. Over the next few years, I used my own techniques and strategies to land those great gigs I mentioned above. So I knew for a fact that they worked. 

That's when I started coaching, speaking and creating online courses. 

And THAT is when I discovered what true alignment feels like. 

True alignment feels like joy almost all the time. True alignment feels like making an impact in the way that feels most natural for you, with the people who can benefit the most from your expertise. 

That's exactly what I help others to achieve through the work I do today. 

And that's what you want to, isn't it? 

Well, if so, then you are most definitely in the right place! So much to see and so much to do...where do you want to go first? 

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